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Monday, December 11, 2006

Tis the season to be networking

While I'm blogging, I'd like to thank everyone involved with STIRR. Creative party games made for a good vibe in the room and it was a good focused crowd. Our glorious team, team 3 won with our ShoeWave.com business; a peer to peer sock sharing service where you send in an odd sock with a dollar, and receive 2 matching socks back in the mail. Genius :).

Also great fun was Clickaholics. It was a younger crowd this time, not coming on the tail end of a big expensive conference. Free alcohol didn't last long but who cares? People did!

Met fun, interesting and smart people, all of whom will be great to see again.


Anonymous oliverw said...

...and the best is yet to come with the White party tomorrow night!

3:55 AM


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